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GBIG HOLDINGS is your trusted fintech partner specializing in asset management and comprehensive digital finance advisory services. Since its foundation in 2017, our company has been actively working with corporate clients, private investors and institutional partners, offering solutions in the field of digital assets, cryptomining and blockchain-based projects.

Our slogan: Think Global – Act Focused®️

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финансовые рынки

Knowledge, Experience, Development

Our key skills and competencies

Explore our core competencies that have made us leaders in the world of finance and investment. From global investment consulting to effective asset management and educational programs, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully guide you through the digital world of financial opportunity.

Investment consulting

Investment consulting in the global financial and digital asset markets.

Business consulting

Business consulting for attracting financing and development of Russian companies.


Educational programs in blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital financial assets.


Analyzing the experience of the world’s best companies in the financial markets.

Asset management

Asset management in foreign and Russian markets, including digital and classic assets.

Risk management

Limiting potential risks in investing and trading.

Transparency and accountability

Competent risk management at GBIG

See our reliability and transparency in our financial operations, and our commitment to providing clients with an outstanding experience and results.

разносторонний подход

Diversified approach

A multi-faceted approach to risk management, tailored to each investment strategy.


Flexibility and diversification

Flexible investment solutions and strategies, portfolio diversification recommendations.

финансовое образование

Education and information

Actively provide educational resources and information so that investors can make informed decisions and understand the potential risks of their investments.


Active monitoring

Continuous monitoring of market conditions and changes in the economic environment.

лимитирование рисков

Risk limitation

Setting strict limits and stop orders to limit potential losses.


Reporting and transparency

Regular reporting and full transparency on all transactions allows investors to have a clear understanding of their assets and risks.

Your advantage in the world of investment

Who is behind your investments

Meet our team of experts. Behind every successful investment decision is an expert – a group of experienced professionals united by a common goal: to make you richer and more successful. Meet the people who use their years of experience and knowledge to achieve your financial goals.

Rufat Abiasov

Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Vasily Suvorov

Head of Partner Network Development

Dmitry Tsarkov

Asset manager in foreign markets

Vyacheslav Gulyaev

Asset Manager in CFA market

Victoria Moroz

Head of back office

Key financial results

Our financial achievements

We guarantee full transparency of our financial operations and results, thus confirming our ability to effectively create significant returns for investors.

The table of profitability of deals in xlsx can be viewed here.

Amount of assets under management

Minimum investment amount


Average monthly yield of the strategy. 64.95% p.a.


Confirmed absolute return for 5 years


Global support for your investment and business initiatives

Leverage our experience and expertise to accelerate your growth and strengthen your market position.

We offer a wide range of professional solutions, including investment consulting, business advisory services, and educational programs. Our team of experts works closely with you to offer personalized strategies to help you achieve your financial and business goals.

инвестиционный консалтинг

Investment consulting

We work in close partnership with leading brokerage companies and cryptocurrency projects to provide investors with everything they need for a successful start on the market of digital assets and classic financial platforms. We provide clients with comprehensive support and tools for effective capital investment.

бизнес консалтинг

Business consulting

Together with leading law and audit firms, as well as exchanges and investment platform operators, we help Russian companies to raise the necessary financing. Our approach is aimed at creating sustainable financial growth strategies that enable our clients to reach new heights.

образование в сфере финансов

Educational programs

In cooperation with leading Russian higher education institutions, we develop and deliver training programs focused on a deep understanding of the economic, legal and social aspects of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and the digital financial asset market.

Цфа без купюр

Knowledge, Experience, Development

Our additional resources

Rufat Abyasov’s book «CFA: Unabridged»

«CFA: Unabridged» – your guide to the world of digital finance and investment. Rufat Abyasov, with his vast experience and expertise in finance, analyzes in detail various digital finance tools – cryptocurrencies, ICOs, NFTs, DeFi…

Download the book PDF >>

Buy paper version >>

Join our Digital Investor PRO course

On the course you will learn professional investing in digital financial technologies in 2 months. The course is designed for a wide range of professionals – from private investors to corporations and government agencies.


helping to better understand the world of digital finance

Your navigator in the world of digital finance

Wondering how to minimize risk and maximize the potential return on your investments? Check out our FAQ section, where we explain our core businesses, most popular products and approaches to risk management. Discover how we apply our experience and expertise to help you achieve your financial goals.

The main areas of the Company's activities?

We have several lines of business: consulting and asset management in digital finance, investment banking, educational programs, and investment mining. In addition, we ourselves also engage in Bitcoin trading, investing and mining on behalf and at the expense of the Company itself.

What are the most popular products today?

Two of our flagship API products are in the highest demand: Asset Management and Consulting. Asset Management is a product where the client is an investor who does not participate in independent active portfolio management. In the Consulting product, the client is an active participant in the process, making decisions and executing trades under our strict supervision. In both cases, we necessarily determine the client’s risk profile, conduct training events and advise clients on risks and potential returns.

Is there a possibility to make a pump/dump transaction when managing an account via API and thus "drain" the investor's deposit "into his pocket"?

Asset management via API is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way of investor-manager interaction, as it eliminates credit risk – the investor does not send funds to the manager’s accounts, and management takes place directly on the client’s exchange account, without the possibility of withdrawal. In theory, the practice of pump/dump of some shitcoins on the market is present, but since we research and use in our portfolios only crypto-assets from the top 100 CoinMarketCap, the risk of withdrawal of investor’s funds through such manipulations in our case is completely excluded.

Do you have a brokerage license to operate?

We are experts in the digital economy, our main product is expertise and profitability. We cooperate with many brokerage companies, crypto exchanges, CFA dr operators, using their infrastructure for our transactions. At the moment, there are no crypto licenses in our country. However, we constantly keep our hand on the pulse, and at the moment when they appear, we will be at the forefront of obtaining all possible crypto-licenses. In addition, the management of the Company has all the necessary qualifications, certificates, certificates, and, of course, experience to work in the financial markets.

How much drawdown is possible for the portfolio?

The maximum drawdown is determined on the basis of the client’s risk profile. Taking into account that crypto is a very volatile instrument, the maximum drawdown “on paper” can reach 30-40%, but in practice we have never recorded such drawdowns and closed the loss. It is necessary to realize that there are no guarantees in the market, but considering that we have already gone through 3 “cryptozymes”, our drawdowns are becoming less and less, besides, we have learned to insure risks with hedging instruments – for example, futures and options.

What are the main exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets you use?

We use OKEX, HTX, Bitfinex and other crypto exchanges where access for Russian residents is still available and where we are as confident as possible in the reliability. The list may be updated and changed. From cold wallets – these are mainly Ledger products.

What are the main asset management strategies you use?

Our flagship asset management strategies are called Digital Assets Composite – a medium-term asset management strategy from the CoinMarketCap Top 100 and Double Impact – a short-term Bitcoin futures trading strategy. Both strategies are used in parallel at a ratio of 80/20 respectively, and aim for a potential 60%+ annualized return in USD.

Do you have a verified yield table?

Yes, we have a proven 5 year return – the stats of all our trades for the period 01.03.2019 – 01.03.2024 – the return was 320% in absolute terms or 64.95% p.a.

Can you help with crypto/fiat exchange and back?

Yes we have a reliable network of trusted counterparties that will help you in matters of exchanging crypto to rubles and back.

Are you involved in crypto mining?

Yes, we mine Bitcoin as investors in industrial BTC mining in the Russian Federation. In addition, we have a product Investment Mining – assisting an investor in preparing a complete infrastructure to start working in this market.


Can’t find answers?

If you haven’t found the answer to your question after checking our frequently asked questions section, don’t worry! You can:

  1. Use the feedback form on our website
  2. Telegram: if you need a quick response.
  3. Hotline: for personal communication.
  4. Email: we will respond without unnecessary delay.
  5. Visit to the office: if you prefer personal communication, we will be glad to see you in one of our offices.

Our incorporation documents

Certificate of incorporation of the holding company GBIG>>

Certificate of registration of GBIG LLC>>

Certificate of trademark registration>>

Certificate of trademark registration 2>>

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